Inthing is a Python module for

Inthing users create streams of events, which are much like a social media timelines in that they can contain text, rich-media, comments etc., but unlike tranditional social media, Inthing streams are intended primarily for machines to post to via a easy to use API.

How a stream is used and what kind of events are posted to it is entirely up to the developer. It can be used for something as sophisticated as a motion activated camera, or as simple as a one-liner to send a text notification.

Getting Started

Use PIP to install the Python module:

pip install inthing

You may need to prefix that with sudo on some systems.

This will install the inthing Python module, and also the inthing command line app. Run the following from the command line to check instalation:

inthing -v

You will probably also want to create an account, which you can do by visiting Creating an account is not a requirement, but will give you more control over your streams.


Here’s a very simple example that generates an ascii mandlebrot set and posts it to a new Inthing stream:

"""An example of posting a text event to a stream."""

from inthing import Stream

def mandel(xsize=80, ysize=20, max_iteration=50):
    """Render an ascii mandelbrot set!"""
    chars = " .,~:;+*%@##"
    rows = []
    for pixy in xrange(ysize):
        y0 = (float(pixy) / ysize) * 2 - 1
        row = ""
        for pixx in xrange(xsize):
            x0 = (float(pixx) / xsize) * 3 - 2
            x = 0
            y = 0
            iteration = 0
            while (x * x + y * y < 4) and iteration < max_iteration:
                xtemp = x * x - y * y + x0
                y = 2 * x * y + y0
                x = xtemp
                iteration += 1
            row += chars[iteration % 10]
    return "```\n{}\n```\n#mandlebrot".format('\n'.join(rows))

stream =
result = stream.text(mandel(), title="Mandelbrot Set!")