Command Line App

The inthing app is installed with the Python module and can be used to post events directly to a stream via the command line. To check if it is available, run the following:

inthing -v

You can specify the stream credentials via the environement variables INTHING_STREAM and INTHING_STREAM_PASSWORD. These can be the same values as used by the the Python inthing.Stream object. Here’s an example (Linux or OSX):


You can then one of the available subcommands supported by inthing. The following example posts a simple text event:

inthing text "Hello, World!" --title "Test Event"

An alternative to using environment variables is to specify the stream and password on the command line as well. Here’s an example:

inthing text "Hello, World!" --title "Test Event" --id --password daffodil

To see the full range of subcommands available, run the following:

inthing -h

Capturing Output

The capture subcommand can be used to capture output from a command and post an event to your stream. Simply pipe a command in to inthing captue. Here’s an example:

uptime | inthing capture

This will add a text event containing the output of the uptime command.

If you add the --browse switch it will open your browser at the new event, or added the --url to just display the URL.